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Infra-allied Products

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V K Drainage Composites collect and convey both liquids and gases. The filter/net/filter composites are used for general area drainage and are easy-to-install, factory-assured replacements for stone installations. The filter/net/membrane composites are used to drain from one side only and provide a barrier to the other – a cut-off drain. Both types can be deployed vertically or horizontally.


Our new robust 3D cellular confinement system designed to improve soil stabilisation, control erosion, and increase load support. Compared to traditional construction methods, VK Geo-cells are a cost-effective and sustainable solution, enabling significant cost and CO2 emission savings, by reducing construction depth and granular infill importation by approximately 50%.


In the world which is turning its face towards eco- friendly products, Coir Woven Geo- textiles play an important role in soil erosion. They protect the land and provide vegetative growth during the formative period after which degrade into the soil. This greening prevents soil erosion and ensures soil stability. A range of different mesh matting with varying densities are available depending on the landscape design, water flow, soil structure, steepness of slop, vegetation requirements etc
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