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"Welcome to VK Agropack -Creating Sustainable Products for a Greener Future!"

Products and Services
VK Agropack is equipped with an advanced infrastructure facility for all its manufacturing portfolio. VK has always tried to go beyond its limitation to satisfy its customers therefore, it is not only known for its quality but for its services as well. With the widest range of quality plastic products with application use in multiple sectors has helped us to keep watch on need and emergence of innovative products across our serving / related industries. 
PP Leno Mesh Bags, Woven Sacks, FIBC Bags, BOPP Bags
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About us
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V K Group is a diversified group that handles activities in various sectors such as Food Distribution & Warehousing, Hospitality, Manufacturing. The group has continuously diversified its portfolio based on our interests and need of the market. Having keen interest in purpose driven manufacturing, we started a new trench in our business portfolio to introduce VK AGROPACK - as a manufacturer of PP Leno Mesh Bags. Thereafter, we enhanced our offerings in multiple arrays of Bulk packaging products to provide most efficient packaging solutions to our esteemed clients.
Vegetable Market

Green Solutions for a greener,

sustainable future

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